Hear My Voice: The LGBTQ+ Poetry Night

Hear My Voice is a semi-regular, Bath-based spoken word poetry night, focused on providing a platform to celebrate LGBTQ+ poets; seasoned and brand new!

At the time of writing, two events have taken place. The first was held in May 2022, with headliners Kathryn O’Driscoll, Cal Wensley, Tyjana Howard and Sophia Irene. The second was held in April 2023, with headliners Savannah Brown and Chris White. Both events also showcased a range of fantastic open mic performers.

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Testimonials from Previous Hear My Voice Events

“It’s my first ever poetry night and honestly I couldn’t have had a better time.”

Audience Member

“It was a really warm and welcoming space. Honestly perfect, laughed my way through the night – beautiful.”

Open Mic Artist

I loved being part of Hear My Voice! I feel that Emma and all involved worked really hard both in the run-up to the event and on the night to create a genuinely safe space for both performers and audience, making a warm and welcoming home for LGBTQ+ voices and experiences, as well as platforming artists sharing a range of spoken-word. There was experimentation, there was a huge mix of content, from personal and raw to funny and raucous, and there were people sharing work that they’d written that very night! None of that happens without the work of the host, making the stage feel safe and accessible. Emma was great at doing this, and I feel she held the performers and audience really well. I’m also so glad that she performed her own pieces, which were frankly stunning. Having myself and Savannah feature felt like the perfect balance; contrasting styles and yet totally complimentary. It was great programming (if I’m allowed to say that about myself??) Savannah was a sensational headliner, and the quality of the open micers was really impressive. In all, it was a fabulous night. I didn’t even mind the clicking .”

Chris White – Featured Artist

“Thank you for welcoming me and letting me read my poetry for the first time. It was just a really fun night, really good vibes and it was a lot less scary than I thought it was going to be.”

Open Mic Artist